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Variation 5 sur O Filii de Pierre Cochereau
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Psalmus - Sélection
Psalmus Pauline KOUNDOUNO-CHABERT, Orgue de la Collégiale de Saint-Félix Lauragais
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Psalmus - Actualité
Claudin de Sermisy Passion

 Available as pre-order :

The new VOX CANTORIS ENSEMBLE release, dedicated to the Saint Matthew Passion from Claudin de SERMISY, the greatest french composer of the 16th century, is available as pre-order.

The VOX ...

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Psalmus - L'âme de la musique sacrée

              From the Gregorian chant of the first centuries up to contemporary creation, sacred music seeks to express the inexpressible. In highly varied languages and styles, it contributes to opening a door between heaven and earth. Capable of extraordinary evocative power and a lyricism that is not the sole preserve of opera, it sings of the human soul in its élans towards its creator.

              In the repertoires of the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque or later eras, sacred music conceals a host of treasures. While some are already known, many other works can be felicitously reinterpreted by artists capable of grasping the soul of this music. Yet others, sometimes veritable masterpieces, still slumber in libraries or sacristies, waiting only to be revealed to the general public.

              This is the mission that PSALMUS has set for itself. PSALMUS is the sacred music label, dedicated solely to the rediscovery of this repertoire, which is so rich and so profoundly human. 

             You will find the complete PSALMUS catalogue on this site, including the possibility of listening to excerpts of discs and buying online with secured payment. Enjoy your visit!    |  PSALMUS

Psalmus - L'âme de la musique sacrée