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Psalmus was created in 2007 and has been carefully thought-out by a dedicated team driven by the same inspiration,
in order to transmit passionately an original project.
Psalmus concentrates exclusively on sacred music.

… making each recording a work of art 

. Artistically - through the choice of artists capable of recreating beauty and emotion in the works selected ; through artistic direction revealing the soul of this music.

. Technically - Psalmus considers that the recording technology contributes considerably to the musical quality and the emotional content of the recording. Therefore, we endeavor to keep the recording chain from the microphones to the recorder as simple as possible, with the best high-end audio devices, using DSD (Direct Stream Digital: 1 bit / 2,8224 Mhz, Super Audio Compact Disc) high-resolution audio format.

. Booklet content - Psalmus creates booklets that are interesting, from both a historical and musicological point of view. Texts are carefully translated and the informed commentary places listeners in the right mood to fully enjoy these inspired music treasures.
…through the choice of musical works

Numerous recording companies already include sacred works in their catalogues. However they have far from exhausted this repertory. As well, the works were not always carried out by interpreters, and under conditions, that captured the full spirit and emotion of the music.
Much sacred repertoire is still ignored or is yet to be discovered.

… through artists sharing the same passion

Psalmus is in close rapport with artists at the cutting edge of research in Gregorian chant, Renaissance polyphony, liturgical baroque practice and classical, as well as contemporary music. Thanks to these contacts, whether they are well-known or budding artists, Psalmus is able to program great original works never heard before.
Psalmus’ goal is to reveal hidden treasures of sacred music and to rejuvenate those that are already famous.